The People

A Sustainable Entrepreneur

He is someone who dedicates himself to environmental sustainability. He is one of the people who play an important role in managing the continuity of the Monkey Forest and is also one of the leaders of the plantation association in Bali.

He believes in the sustainable entrepreneurship concept where every business strategy needs to be environmentally friendly and pays attention to public health.

One of his missions and visions is to integrate all the local plantation products that he manages together with all the surrounding consumers so that the local farmers can thrive for long-term sustainability. Prioritizing the quality of the plantation products and also maintaining the continuity of the ecosystem and the distribution of the produced products to the consumers.

As it says “Changes start from yourself”, he then founded Habitat Restaurant as a channel for distributing natural products from local farmers with guaranteed quality directly to the consumer in Habitat.

He wants to grow and expand the concept of  “from our farm to your table” through Habitat, one of the current media for him to deliver all the high-quality plantation products. It’s been fantastic and increasingly in demand by consumers.

It’s become an example for developing and also maintaining the sustainability of ecosystems and local farmers. He is on the next venture, in a bigger ride to provide access to us to experience all the goodness and healthiness of the natural local products. Can’t wait!