Our People

A Sustainable Entrepreneur


He is a local entreprenuer who cares about the welfare of the environment. He is also one of the people behind the continuity and arrangement of the Monkey Forest tourist attractions and several surrounding local businesses.

Other than that, he’s also a well-respected community leader. He really knows how businesses can affect people’s lives and the surrounding environment.

With his wealth of experience and knowledge on environmental sustainability, plantations, community, and environmental management, he has also developed his businesses with a sustainable business concept.

In Bali, there is a concept that is highly respected by the community, namely Tri Hita Karana. Which can be interpreted lexically to mean the three causes of well-being. The three causes of well-being consist of a harmonious relationship with God, a harmonious relationship with fellow human beings, and a harmonious relationship with the natural environment. Thus, he believes the sustainability business concept is a very appropriate concept to be implemented in Bali, especially in Ubud itself. This is one way for entrepreneurs to keep doing business without destroying the environment, empowering local people, and still maintaining the preservation of nature or the surrounding environment.

One of his biggest wishes is to widen and broaden the interest of local people to return to gardening and produce quality food and also ensure the lives of farmers so that plantations and agriculture do not become extinct.

He has worked a lot with farmers to build their confidence again to continue and also do smart and healthy farming. Starting with providing education to old farmers and young farmers who are just starting a business. Now, he has worked with many farmers and has started to produce high-quality raw materials without using chemicals. Farming and gardening in a new and smart way, by building greenhouses.

The current project is how to preserve and sustain the farmers and the plantations.

He’s on the next venture to create a distribution channel of all high-quality organic products. With the theme “From our garden to your table”, he is also interested in running several new businesses in the culinary field as a medium for distributing food produced by plantations.